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Over the years some of our patients have written testimonials about their experiences with Alpine Chiropractic. Here are a few of our patient reviews and stories:

Finally after 7 weeks of nerve pain from shingles and back pain from having to sleep on one side due to the nerve pain, I can finally say that I am on the way to feeling like myself once again.

After about 5 weeks of suffering I decided to see Dr. Greg at Alpine Chiropractic Center and I’m glad that I did.  Not only did my back start feeling better after only a couple of treatments, but my mood started to change because I was only battling the nerve pain and not the back pain.  Dr. Greg is great, he not only is sympathetic with what you are dealing with, but he is also very knowledgeable in his field.  This was not the first time that I have gone to Alpine Chiropractic Center.  I have known Dr. Greg for many years and I highly recommend his chiropractic adjustments.

Denise N.

Seven years ago I fell and fractured both my wrists along with other injuries. I was told if I didn’t want anymore surgery I would have to live with things the way they were. My wrists always had a lot of discomfort and I would rub them all the time, one wrist had a large lump. The first time Dr. Greg worked on my wrists the lump was smaller and the discomfort was almost gone. I just want to say thank you Dr. Greg. I’m so glad my daughter found you.


Thank you for helping me with the miserable sciatic pain that had kept me from taking my morning walks for the past several weeks. I am out walking again and feel 75% better prior to coming to you for your expertise. I feel confident that when our sessions are finished that I will be feeling 100% better. You were recommended to me by some friends who use your service and I will definitely recommend Alpine Chiropractic to anyone else who has back pain. 

Frank M.

I just want to say thank you in writing for all the support and care you have given me over the past years. You and your staff helped my body heal after suffering two fractured vertebrae my sophomore year at Mt. Si High School. Without your knowledge and care, I may have never played baseball again.

I owe a large part of my recovery to you and your massage therapist, Diana Fender. I am your walking advertisement that chiropractic care and massage can heal a broken body. 

Thank you for helping me kick some butt my senior year! I am off to play baseball for Shoreline Community College and will be in for my regular chiropractic and massage maintenance. 

Chase K.

 I had never met Dr. Pfiffner before but he was one of the many chiropractic offices I had called to have my disabled parking permit renewed. Dr. Pfiffner was the only one who would help me. What amazed me even more was when he would see me for an to renewal my permit and not even charge his time in renewing the form. This has really impressed me. Thank you- for being a kind person Dr. Pfiffner!

Shirley K.

I awoke one morning in June of 2012 with a pain in my lower back that left me out of breath and half bent over. After sitting at my desk in agony for a couple of hours, I decided I needed to get some help and started looking online for a massage therapist in North Bend. No one I called had any available appointments, so I decided to search for a chiropractor instead. I was very hesitant to call a chiropractor as previous experiences had left me with little confidence of receiving help from one. I had been seeing a chiropractor near my house on and off for four years for shoulder pain and very little had changed during that time. He kept recommending that I come back once a week to see him, but no progress was being made towards fixing the problem or alleviating my pain. But my lower back pain persisted at such a degree that it would not let me ignore it and I picked the first chiropractor that popped up online to call….Alpine Chiropractic Center. Fortunate for me, they were able to get me in immediately. 

Filling out the standard paperwork, I hesitated. Should I only say that my lower back was bothering me or should I mention the shoulder pain that I had been dealing with for over 10 years as well. I decided to mark it all and if I wasn’t happy with my initial appointment, then I simply wouldn’t come back. Greg had no great concerns for my lower back pain and diagnosed it as a minor muscle strain that would go away fairly quickly. He did however, have significant concerns with regards ti a 40 yr. old man reporting shoulder pain for 10 plus years. Over the last four months under Greg’s care, he has shown me exercises and worked with my shoulder so it is now pain free 100% of the time. I march snare drum with a community band in Seattle carrying a drum that weighs about 20 lbs. In parades that are up to 3 miles long. For the 2009, 2010, and 2011 seasons, I would reach the end of a parade route and be unable to lift my arm, unable to even think about picking up my son, a couple of times even did not feel comfortable driving because of the pain in my shoulder. The previous chiropractor I had seen just told me to keep stretching and seeing him once a week which I did during marching season. With the help of Greg, the 2012 season was much different. I would reach the end of a parade and be sore, but not in pain. I could still move my shoulder and was able to pick up my now three year old son.

I appreciate the fact that while Greg does have me as a patient for life, he does not want or expect me to see him every week for the rest of my life. He wants me to get to the point where I don’t need to see him and that to me makes him a great chiropractor.

Cameron M.

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Greg Pfiffner and his outstanding achievements at Alpine Chiropractic. I have experienced neck pain for the past thirty years and been treated by multiple chiropractors. I feel very blessed to have found Greg. He listens to every aspect of a person’s well being before starting a treatment program. I sent my teenage daughter to Greg about a year ago with two degenerate disks in her lower back. She experiences a great deal of daily pain. Through the year Greg has been able to teach her stretching exercises and help her mentally to deal with her pain. Greg is focused and conscientious with our treatments. He is knowledgeable, skillful, and very kind to our mental and physical needs. Greg is an asset to our community!

Terria C.

Yes, he is a Godsend! An unexpected Blessing from a dear friend of mine 9-10 years ago. Even when I moved away, besides missing my children, I have to say he was in second place. I always say he is not your normal chiropractor. He does a lot of muscle pressure point work and really takes the time to listen and evaluate. Now with that being said, one might even think of him as being Dr. Marcus Welby! I do believe that I am dating myself but in this case I am proud to let others know that there still are ‘Some True Doctor’s’ out there! Not only has he helped so many people that I have referred to him, he is even taking the time to research some medical help for my son who lives in Oregon and works at a medical clinic there! He most definitely falls in the category of a ‘TRUE DOCTOR.’ Yes, he is a Godsend!!

Sally S.

I am a 49 year old woman who suffered a brain concussion and skull fracture at the age of 4. After my concussion and skull fracture, I had daily headaches and migraines. I underwent CT scans, MRI’s and several other tests from age 4 to age 6 but the doctors were unable to diagnose a reason for my headaches and migraines. My parents took me to a chiropractor at age 6 who did give me some relief, but even so I still suffered from daily headaches and the occasional migraine. In my 20′s, my primary care doctor had me do food diaries which still did not diagnose my problem. In my 30′s, I suffered from a couple of car accidents, resulting in whiplash and causing a herniated disc at C5-6. At this time, I had a spinal fusion, and my primary care told me I should never see a chiropractor again for fear of nerve damage. I was put on Midrin to control my migraines which would lessen the pain, but I would be so tired that I could not perform my activities of daily living, let alone work during them. In my 40′s, my migraines worsened, going from once a year and lasting for one day to several times a year lasting for 3-8 days in length. I was put on Imetrex which would stop the incredible pain, but again I would be so tired that all I would do is sleep. After one year, the Imetrex stopped working. I was then changed to Replax which controlled not only the pain, but I was able to work — although I was in a daze. Even though it would cover up the pain, I continued to have not only have the migraines for days, but I still suffered from the daily headaches. I had a bubble test on my heart looking for a hole in my Forman and a MRI looking for damage or clots, all of which were negative. No one could tell me why I was having the migraines. My son had hurt his back, and I had scheduled an appointment with Dr. Greg Pfiffner to see if he could help him. On his second appointment, I was suffering from a migraine, one that the Relax was not even helping. Dr. Greg only saw me in the waiting room but knew that I was suffering from a headache. I had gone to the car as I was so nauseated that I couldn’t sit in the waiting room any longer. Dr. Greg had my son come get me from the car and told me that he thought he could help me. Although this migraine was too far advanced for Dr. Greg to help with, I decided that I would continue to see him. Dr. Greg’s approach is different than any chiropractor I had been to. He works with the muscles that are tight first before working on any areas that are out of place. Without the muscles being loose, it cannot help your total problem. After a few months of going of treatments, my daily headaches were less than they had ever been. It is a habit for me to get up and go straight for the Excedrin, and one morning as I was heading for the cabinet it dawned on me that I DIDN’T HAVE A HEADACHE! After 45 years of daily headaches this was a strange feeling. Dr. Greg’s approach is a Holistic approach. He is not only treating the spine but the muscles, your mind, and has you do PT at home which together provides great results. I only wish that I had met him years ago.

Pam M.

I have been to several chiropractors and only had temporary relief from neck and lower back pain. Greg’s methods of treatment have been the most effective in correcting the problem. Other chiropractors seem to spend little time, was in and out of their office in 5 minutes, and was without any preventive exercises to do at home and with the results lasting only a short time. Greg’s use of trigger point therapy, moist heat, and stretching have brought great results. I would highly recommend him; he’s awesome!

Laurie F.

I have been coming to Alpine Chiropractic for several years now. When my back and hip go out on my left side, I have learned to go in right away instead of waiting several weeks like I used to. I have had Polio, and I’m susceptible to this because my right leg is shorter by 1.75”. I know when I come to see Greg that I will start feeling better when I am adjusted and have heat treatment. I live about 40 miles away, and I find that it’s worth the trip to see Greg. I know that I will feel better in about 2 or 3 visits. The last time I came in I asked Greg how often I should be adjusted. He said about every 3 months. I know he had told me this before, but I always think I won’t need to come in. Well now I’m going to listen to Greg.

Diana G.

As a sophomore in high school I sustained an upper spine injury that had been a chronic ‘pain in the back.’ I had been to numerous chiropractors over 20 years and none until ‘Dr. Greg’ had been able to alleviate this pain. As a firefighter, I have also suffered a few lower back injuries on the job. Dr. Pfiffner has been able to get me back on the job quicker and with less residual effects than anyone in the past. He as an individual creates a relaxed, professional atmosphere in his office. The superior quality of his associates equates to an outstanding business. When they say ‘we’re glad to see your BACK’ they mean it. See for yourself.


In the fall of 2008, I strained my neck while loading some firewood that I had harvested from my Tree Farm. For the next six months my neck continued to bother me; in fact, it got worse even though I did everything possible to protect it from further aggravation. In March of 2009, I learned of Dr. Greg from a relative. After one treatment, I was immediately aware of a big improvement. Although I have to travel 450 miles for each treatment, I had approximately 12 treatments over a six month period of time. I’m pleased to report that even with my hard physical work over this last Christmas Tree season, my neck has remained at 100% better than when I first had my initial treatment with Dr. Greg.

Jon B.

Alpine Chiropractic is great! Their staff is dedicated and caring. Greg works diligently to make sure you feel your best. He doesn’t rush you out the door but takes time to figure out what treatment is best for you. Their office staff and massage therapist are awesome as well. I am very glad that I found Alpine Chiropractic!


For years I have been dealing with chronic pain. I have visited many doctors trying to look for some type of relief. For a while I was hopeless, I didn't think I would ever feel any better, After a few visits with Dr. Pfiffner I was able to experience relief and improvement in my health. He doesn't just provide incredible chiropractic services he also listens and works with me towards health goals. He isa doctor that cares about your health and is determined to make you feel better each visit. 

Layla T.

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