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At Alpine Chiropractic we realize there are a lot of reasons a person may seek our services. We treat patients of all ages, and for a variety of conditions. Below are some of the main conditions we treat. However, if you don’t see your condition listed it doesn’t mean it is not treated by our office. Please stop by or give us a call and we will be happy to assist you further or provide you with an appropriate referral.

Conditions Treated

Auto Accidents

An auto accident can cause many injuries, both big and small. If you’ve been in an accident, we can help decrease your pain and create a treatment plan that is right for you. Individuals involved in an auto accident sometimes do not experience symptoms until days, weeks or even months after the accident occurred. We offer preventative exams for early detection.

Auto Accidents

Work Injury

Depending on the nature of your work, any of these conditions could apply to you. If you are hurt from a work related accident we will work with you to learn the nature of the accident, and the related symptoms you have been having. We will then devise a treatment plan best suited for you based on your health history and wellness goals.

Work Injury
Back pain (lower)

Back Pain (lower)

Lower back pain is one of the most common conditions people suffer from. When out of alignment, simple movements can cause a great deal of pain to a person’s lower back. At Alpine Chiropractic, we can properly realign your spine to get you pain free.

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel has become an increasingly popular condition caused by sustained hand and wrist activities such as hammering, pulling or pushing, typing, etc. These activities put pressure on a nerve just above your wrist. We have several different treatment plans that can help alleviate this problem and successfully help alleviate pressure and reduce pain.



Over 5 million people in the U.S. suffer from fibromyalgia, a condition causing chronic and widespread pain all over the body. Commonly misdiagnosed, people often suffer for years before discovering an effective treatment for their fibromyalgia. Medication alone is not the answer. A variety of treatments including chiropractic and trigger point therapy, can successfully manage fibromyalgia pain. After assessing your overall health history, we will customize a treatment plan that is right for your symptoms.
Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder

Although not as common as other conditions, frozen shoulder can develop over time and cause tightness, pain, and decreased mobility. Left untreated, frozen shoulder can take between 6 months and 2 years to heal on its own. We offer treatments that promote the healthy flow of blood to the shoulder and lead to a timely resolution of the issue.



Almost everyone has experienced the unpleasant pains of headaches or migraines, which can last between 4 and 72 hours and often interferes with daily activities such as walking or climbing stairs. There are many different reasons why you may suffer from headaches or migraines, but after the right assessment, we can find a treatment that will help reduce the frequency and even eliminate the cause.

Many factors contribute to osteoporosis, but our care can address many of these. Alpine Chiropractic offers nutritional counseling, exercise plans, and chiropractic techniques that can help reduce the painful side effects of osteoporosis while strengthening the bones and preventing further damage.

pinched nerve


Numbness can affect any part of the body for a variety of reasons. Leaving this condition untreated increases the likelihood of a more serious injury since numbness prevents feeling to the affected area. We use several techniques to identify the cause of your numbness and help restore proper feeling in the affected area.


Osteoarthritis can be extremely painful, especially in the hip and knee areas. Characterized by inflammation, degeneration of tissues, and the eventual reduction of cartilage surrounding the joint, osteoarthritis impacts musculoskeletal functioning. Currently incurable, we offer chiropractic and therapeutic methods that will assist with minimizing swelling and the associated pain while maintaining mobility and activity.


A pinched nerve can cause muscle inflammation, spasms, numbness, tingling, weakness, and sharp pains. Our care offers a balance of chiropractic alignment and trigger point therapy, which is a type of deep tissue massage, as an alternative to surgical methods.

Pinched Nerve

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis causes sharp pains across the bottom or heel of one or both feet. We offer adjustments, therapeutic massage, and orthotic fittings as a part of our treatment plan. A proper assessment of your foot or feet will determine which therapies are right for you.



As a baby grows, a woman may experience pelvic and lower back pain due to the extra pressure the weight of the baby causes. We can safely alleviate this pain through realignments of the spine throughout the pregnancy, in addition to offering nutritional advice, massage, and additional at home exercises.



Sciatica is a sharp pain that goes from your lower spine down to your buttocks and leg. At Alpine we can assess your situation and then appropriately relieve pressure on your nerves with the use of chiropractic alignment, physical therapy, massage therapy, heat/ice therapy, and at home exercises.


Scoliosis is a condition where your spine has a slight “S” or “C” shaped curve to it. We will carefully determine what treatment plan is for you after assessing your spine, previous injuries, and family history. Each of our treatment plans will track your progress, allowing us to maximize the treatments we can apply to improve the symptoms of this condition.

shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain

There are many reasons why you may be suffering from shoulder pain, but despite the cause of your pain, you can be assured that we have a long lasting solution to reduce your shoulder pain.

slipped disc

Slipped Disc

A slipped disc occurs when a disc bulges or becomes partially displaced, causing pain in the lower back. Our treatment begins with a thorough review of your medical history, followed by a physical exam and testing to determine the specific impact on reflexes and muscle strength/sensation. Close attention will be paid to posture, and x-rays may be taken to assist with diagnosis and establishment of a proper treatment plan.



Unavoidable in today’s rapid paced environment, stress can create a wide variety of health issues. At Alpine we can treat your stress related pains while offering stress reducing techniques to prevent further pain and help you reach your overall health goals.

tennis elbow

Tennis Elbow

You don’t have to play tennis to get this injury, in fact very few tennis players actually suffer from tennis elbow. This condition is caused by continuous use of the forearm muscles, and can be effectively treated by our chiropractic therapies.

tingling senstion

Tingling Sensation

There are a number of reasons and areas where you might feel a tingling sensation. If you have been experiencing tingling sensations, please call us and make an appointment so we can assess your condition and create a treatment plan that is right for you.



Whiplash is a condition commonly caused from a car accident, and unfortunately is often overlooked by patients until many years down the road. The sooner we treat your whiplash, the sooner you will feel better and the less likely your symptoms will become more severe.

Back Pain (upper and neck)

Back Pain (upper and neck)

There are a lot of causes of upper back and neck pain, including stress and poor posture. Often times a person will suffer from both upper back and neck pain because both areas either share, or are connected to, the same muscles.

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