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Whether you have been injured from an auto accident, work accident, have a medical condition, or are suffering from a stress related or unknown pain, we are focused on taking the time to learn about you and creating a solution that fits you best. Read More


Whole-Body Wellness

We offer a rare whole-body wellness plan that is tailored to each of our patients. This approach leads to a better overall healing process not only through our trusted chiropractic methods, but also through our other services which include therapeutic massage, stress reduction techniques, and nutritional counseling. 


We aim to decrease pain, restore proper movement patterns, improve posture, and help you with injury and pain management. Whether that pain comes from auto accidents or work injuries, we can help you here at Alpine! 


After learning your health history, we create a specific treatment plan that is right for your needs. This plan may include several different approaches that will work together to help get you on the road to recovery. 


Our Practitioners 

Our Team

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Greg Pfiffner, DC
Owner, Doctor of Chiropractic

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Alastair Harper
Doctor of Chiropractic

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Aimee Bahr
Licensed Massage Therapist

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Rio Vega
Licensed Massage Therapist

What People Are Saying


"Seven years ago I fell and fractured both my wrists along with other injuries. I was told if I didn’t want any more surgery, I would have to live with things the way they were. My wrists always had a lot of discomfort and I would rub them all the time, one wrist had a large lump. The first time Dr. Greg worked on my wrists the lump was smaller and the discomfort was almost gone. I just want to say thank you, Dr. Greg. I’m so glad my daughter found you."


"Alpine Chiropractic is great! Their staff is dedicated and caring. Greg works diligently to make sure you feel your best. He doesn’t rush you out the door but takes time to figure out what treatment is best for you. Their office staff and massage therapist are awesome as well. I am very glad that I found Alpine Chiropractic!"


                                                                          -JJ M.

"I have been to several chiropractors and only had temporary relief from neck and lower back pain. Greg’s methods of treatment have been the most effective in correcting the problem...Greg’s use of trigger point therapy, moist heat, and stretching have brought great results. I would highly recommend him; he’s awesome!"

                                                           -Laurie F.

"For years I have been dealing with chronic pain. I have visited many doctors trying to look for some type of relief. For a while I was hopeless, I didn't think I would ever feel any better, After a few visits with Dr. Pfiffner I was able to experience relief and improvement in my health. He doesn't just provide incredible chiropractic services he also listens and works with me towards health goals. He is a doctor that cares about your health and is determined to make you feel better each visit." 

                                                                         -Layla T.

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